Gmail. Can You Please Teach Me to Use Gmail??


If I would ask you to teach me, an internet savvy person,  how to use Gmail, what would you think? That I was probably joking – right? How about Facebook? Your banking? do you need training for those websites?

Of course not! Nowadays all web applications are designed and built to be easily understood by anyone who uses a web browser.  Well, all except business telephone services.

Installing and maintaining a small business phone system usually means calling a technician and spending hours configuring the system. Then each time you want to change something, again a technician is called to change the configuration. As someone who is a partner in a number of telephone companies, the situation is very familiar to me. Employees leave, new employees come, offices are closed for vacation and messages need to be changed. Each change like this calls for a modification in the phone system.

Why can’t a phone system be as simple as using Gmail? They definitely can!

Go ahead and try out Fone.Do. In only 2 minutes you can be up and running.