Telecom Grandpa Still Going Strong! is making waves with the development of our new low cost
super-easy to use phone system for the Small Business market.
While we are not the only innovative startup in the telecom space,
there probably aren’t many with a Telecom Grandpa at the helm!

Last week I was invited to speak on a panel at ITEXPO, and Eric Lebowitz sat down with me for an interview.
Eric related how I decided to start Fone.Do

As a veteran of the telecom industry, Moshe Maeir began to notice a hole in the PBX market, especially as it relates to the cloud. He kept hearing that professionals—especially small business owners and managers—were having trouble with overly complex PBX systems. They were getting bogged down with more features than they needed and having difficulty with simple tasks like changing IVR messages when they went on vacation.
So about a year ago, Maeir took three months off from his other businesses to travel to tradeshows and talk with small business professionals about what they were looking for in a phone system. He discovered, as he suspected, that these businesspeople were looking for simple systems that were quick to set up and easy to use. At the end of his three-month journey, Maeir decided to found, a cloud-based small business phone system.

Eric went on to describe the unique process we went through in building the new system.

“I decided to start from zero and build a new team,” he told TMC during Editor’s Day on Tuesday, January 27 at ITEXPO Miami. “And half my team for this new venture is not from a telephone background. I brought on a lot of Web programmers because people are doing amazing things in that space. People who have been in the telephone industry for many years are sometimes constrained to a certain way of thinking, and we needed some outside perspective as well.”

In setting out to build a small business phone system, Maeir’s team researched which features were absolutely critical for companies with fewer than 20 employees—then all the others were stripped away. The team worked to develop an intuitive interface that would provider a seamless experience. Lastly, Maeir and his employees designed a simple process for configuring the system that could be completed in a matter of a few minutes.

At the end of the article, Eric summed up why we believe Fone.Do will be a success.

His new business venture is scheduled to roll out by April 1, and he is visibly excited for the next step in his telecom journey—creating a simple small business phone system.

“The Internet makes everything so easy,” Moshe said. “People are used to that way of operating now and need to be able to get things done quickly. There’s a need for this out there.”

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