How to Get “Missed Calls” While Your Phone is Off!

Missed calls

Missed calls


In this “always connected” age we never want to miss a call. Even when our phone is turned off, we want to get “missed calls” notification. Who knows? Maybe this will be the call which will change our life… Well in this post I am going to explain not only how to never miss a call while the phone is off, but I will also give you a few tips how to better manage your incoming calls and… your life! 

There is a simple trick that you can use to filter out unwanted calls but on the other hand never miss the calls you want to receive. Ever since I figured this out 8 years ago, my life has changed for the better.

Have you ever tried to contact an important person? Chances are that you will get blocked by a “Gatekeeper” such as a secretary or an assistant. Well, with a cloud based small business phone system like you don’t need to hire a Gatekeeper. Your Gatekeeper is built in, for free, in the system.

Very rarely do I give out my phone number. The number I do give out is a virtual number. Anyone who calls that number reaches my virtual auto-attendant which decides based on my pre-set settings how to route the call. The call could go to my office phone, to my mobile or maybe straight to voicemail. I can even set it up to do all three at once! And if I do not answer, I will still get notification of the missed call!

This is great, now you can even turn off your mobile, relax and never worry that you may miss an important call. You can even go to the beach and pretend you are in the office. Not bad.

But there is a small catch, most of these systems including the one my company has been selling for the last 8 years are complicated to setup and maintain without contacting customer service.

A year ago I came to the realization that this should not be! A system that is intended to make life easy, should not be complicated. That is how was born! Follow us and see how you can setup your own phone system in just a few minutes.