Founding Father of the VoIP Industry Joins Fone.Do


It is not every day that someone who was instrumental in founding your industry wants to join your startup advisory board! That is why we are very excited to announce that Jacob Ner-David, the former chairman  of Deltathree, one the original VoIP companies is now officially part of our Advisory Board.

20 years ago when VoIP was just an idea, Deltathree was launched, went public,  eventually reaching a $1.5b market cap while changing the stodgy telecom industry for ever. Since then Jacob has been an investor and founder in numerous ventures, one of the latest being the Jezreel Valley Winery.

From the beginning, while I was just starting to formulate my thoughts about the initiative that eventually became Fone.Do, Jacob was instrumental in helping us define our vision and focus. Since then he has always been kind enough  to review our ideas and make fruitful introductions.  So it is only natural to have Jacob join our existing  advisors as an official member of the Fone.Do advisory board.

Looking forward to working together and building Fone.Do into a great company – Thank you Jacob for joining us!