Fone.Do – The World’s 1st “On Demand” PBX for SMB!


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On Demand services (otherwise known as Uber type services) are taking the world by storm. Though some may dismiss it as a buzzword, the truth is that we are in the midst of a revolution.  One of the best examples is AirBNB. The founders of AirBNB saw that  on one hand millions of people travel and the other hand at the same time, many homes and beds around the world are empty. By putting the two together they invented a new market. Uber is another great example. Why own a car which is not in use most of time? Uber, Gett and Lyft will provide you with a car and driver as need, on demand!

Here at Fone.Do we noticed all the small businesses working off their mobile phones and saw an opportunity. Most startups operate from multiple locations. The mobile phone is their best tool of communications. But lets face it making and receiving calls on your mobile is at the least unprofessional. What happens when you are in the bath, washing your 2 year old and an important call comes in from that Fortune 500 customer? Do you take it, or not?

This is just one situation that we thought of when designing Fone.Do . Our solution is to give you a professional facade wherever you may be. works in your browser (with no download), on your mobile and your deskphone. The same business number goes with you at all times. You now have on your mobile a 2nd number for your business with all the related switchboard services. So the next time you get a call in the bathroom, the caller will hear a professional welcome message and the call will be routed either to a colleague or to the company voicemail  without any embarrassing situations.

If you know how to use Facebook and Gmail, you can setup your own Fone,Do system  in 3 minutes. Try it for free and see how liberating an On Demand Phone System can be for your small business.


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