Voicemail is Dead. But, We Can’t Do Without It!

Everyone uses voicemail. Or do they?

The process of building a new phone system from scratch is very rewarding. You actually have the chance to examine axioms and decide if they are still relevant today. A good example is Voicemail.

Today it is hard to find a phone without Voicemail. But times are changing. As part of the design process for our newfangled phone system for businesses, we asked ourselves the question — do we need to include voicemail as a feature in our system? Our first answer was — of course, but further market research showed how wrong we were.

For example, I asked fellow startup founders on Karma  if they still use VM? The results as you can see in the screenshot  was clearcut. Research in other groups gave similar results.


So did we go ahead and leave VM out of our design? No we didn’t. At a design meeting our UX (User Experience) consultant, Ido Shavit brought up an interesting point. People don’t want to leave a message, but on the other hand, they don’t want to just hear the phone ring, or hear a message that the subscriber is not available. Callers want some kind of personal feedback.

Ido’s comment, together with our existing feeling, that VM is due for an upgrade & overhaul has led us to design a new & improved Intelligent  Voicemail. We think you will like it. Stay tuned to for more information.  Sign up at fone.do and be notified when we launch!