Fone.Do Drops a Switchboard into Your Pocket!

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We do business with companies that we feel comfortable with. We feel comfortable with businesses that we feel are professional.

25M small  businesses in the USA alone face the same challenge to prove that they are professional. However answering calls on your private mobile phone can be awkward at the best, or even totally embarrassing at the worst.  Many small business people like Jane (pictured above) carry two phones in their pocket. One for her personal life and one for her business.

When we designed Fone.Do we did not realize the size  of this issue, since we targeted mostly the small office. Luckily, companies that sell mobile service to small businesses contacted us, since they realized that we have the solution built in. For them it is a no-brainer. Without Fone.Do they have no advantage (besides price) over the next guy.  But with Fone.Do on the phone, they are now providing businesses with mobile phones that have two lines installed. One the phone line that the mobile comes with and the customer can use as his personal phone number. The second one is  separate business line including a Virtual Receptionist, Call Recording and Smart Voicemail. All this can be setup by anyone in only 2 minutes! A whole Business Switchboard in your pocket!

When a call  comes in the caller first hears the Virtual Receptionist saying “Hi, you have reached the offices of NewCo Inc. for support press one, for sales press two etc”. You see right away if it is on your business line or private line and can decide if to answer. With the option to record calls, there is no need to stop and write down details. You can listen to the call later.

With many other features, Fone.Do is the perfect way to present that professional facade that we all need while never missing an important call! No wonder we have a reseller who is giving away the Fone.Do app for free to all businesses that buy his cellular service. Try it out yourself for free at 

Start today with your own professional switchboard in your pocket.