Is Google entering the Business Phone Market?


Chromebook as a Smartphone

Without anyone noticing, Google is entering the Business Phone Market. How is this happening and what does it have to do with Fone.Do?

To understand better lets take a quick look at the history of Google’s effort in the phone market. Over the years they  have been targeted mostly at consumers. On the service side, we have seen Google Voice, Google Talk & Google Hangouts. On the device side, we have seen Google’s Nexus phone product line and the short-lived purchase of Motorola Mobility. But we have not yet, seen a foray into the business market.

While Google has been sitting on the sidelines, Microsoft has been working hard building Lync (now renamed Skype for Business) as a communications solution for businesses, large and small. MSFT and GOOG are competing head on with  Office 365 and Google Apps, the latter is lacking a phone component.

Many of you probably heard of the Google Chromebook. For those of you who haven’t – the Chromebook is a low cost notebook based on the Google Chrome operating system where everything runs in the “Cloud”/Browser.  A Chromebook is extremely convenient to use, boots up super-fast and gives you access to all online services. And best of all you can buy them from only $120!

Drum Roll…. This is where Fone.Do enters.

Screenshot from 2016-01-10 15:03:11


Add Fone.Do to a Chromebook and you have a sophisticated IP Deskphone. All you need to do is go to Fone.Do on your browser. Not only can you make directly from the Chromebook “HD Quality” calls with the WebRTC that is built into the Chrome browser, you can also record calls, listen to them, conference in your colleagues and much more. Why buy an expensive Polycom phone, if for less you get a notebook and a phone!

That is why I was not surprised when we approached by one of the biggest networking companies in the world who were interested in bundling Fone.Do with Chromebooks on a project that are working on. The options here are endless. If you find this exciting – drop me a note at Moshe at and we can discuss the future!