BIG News – Apple jumps on the WebRTC Bandwagon!

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First the news  which was originally posted by Lantre Barr  – Apple, the last holdout of the big players,  is adding WebRTC technology in the Safari Browser!

In a minute I will explain why this is BIG news. But first, what is WebRTC? Like all internet users, you use a browser. In recent years, the browser has become the center of our internet activity. Most of us no longer install applications to do email, social media, banking, accounting or other activities. All we do is open our browser and get to work. One activity that the browser revolution skipped was communications. Until recently to communicate via audio or video, we needed first to install a program.

The people at Google noticed that and said hey, why don’t communications capabilities come built-in with your browser? As a result Google made a major push to promote the adaption of WebRTC.  So what is WebRTC?  The easiest way to explain it is to say that – Browsers who support WebRTC include all the technology you need to do audio and video communications.

Some have called this the biggest revolution in communications in recent times, and I agree. Why is this? Well for starts, you are no longer tied to your telephone or internet provider for communications, you can use any provider. But, more important – it is super easy to add an audio or video chat to any website. Examples are abundant. You are browsing a website and having a problem, up pops a chat window with a customer service rep, ready to help you. Your team wants to do an adhoc conference call. No need to subscribe to a Gomeeting. Zoom or similar service. You both open your browsers and are ready to go. Want to setup a full blown phone system for your office – and in 2 minutes you are ready to go!

Why is this news from Apple –  BIG news? Large companies such as Google, Facebook, Slack, and small ones such as Fone.Do and all use WebRTC.  Naysayers love to point out the lack of Apple/Safari support to show that WebRTC will not take off. Such negative sentiment did delay some from adopting WebRTC. This is now behind us. Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Microsoft Edge are all on on the WebRTC bandwagon. New applications are being launched daily.

Nutting stopping us now!

CORRECTION: after writing this I learned that we are not there yet…

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